Demanding Ronaldo is desperate to leave Juventus to win trophies

may continue to train with professionalism at , but inside he is tired and nervous.

His smiles on the pitch hide his desire to move this summer, and he already believes his chapter in Turin has come to an end. 

Described as a soap opera, this transfer saga looks set to end with Ronaldo joining , who should be aware of the type of player the superstar is now.

He is demanding, and believes Juventus can no longer match his ambitions.  

For now, the Old Lady represent the past. But despite this, he once again reported for another session under Massimiliano Allegri and will do everything he can to make sure he is fighting fit for this weekend’s clash against Empoli.

Cristiano Ronaldo remains professional at Juventus but is desperate to leave this summer


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He is, however, keen to return to the Premier League after his spells in Spain and Italy, and also wants to be placed at the heart of a winning project.

Once again, he has trophies in his sights for both club and country.

So, the countdown on Ronaldo’s three-year stint with Juventus is already underway. Watching him sat among the substitutes against Udinese, it was difficult not to believe that he already has one foot out of the door. 

In Italy, it has been noticed that Ronaldo rarely mentions Juventus, the club that has splashed out on his eye-watering salary.

It is this sense of separation that has given way to slight tensions with president Andrea Agnelli.

Along the way at Juventus, Ronaldo has turned into a very different player. He has become fickle, demanding and, above all, is willing to be critical of the leadership of a team.

City must do their due diligence on this. 

Ronaldo has set his sights on yet more trophies and his chapter in Turin has come to an end

He is targeting another Champions League trophy, having already won five during his career


These are exciting times for Pep Guardiola.

After all, he is about to become the only manager in the world to have coached both Lionel Messi and Ronaldo. In the latter, he will find a driven athlete eager to win it all.

Aged 36, Ronaldo wants to lift the Champions League trophy with a third different team, a feat which would match Clarence Seedorf – who leads the way after successes at Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan.

Ronaldo is still in love with football in England, too, but Guardiola must be wary – his potential new signing does not love tactics.

Guardiola is a notorious tinkerer and hands-on coach, making this a fascinating partnership to watch. 

This move will likely be viewed as City responding to PSG blow-for-blow after they signed Messi, with the Premier League champions instead snapping up Ronaldo.

And make no mistake, this switch is born out of the will of City’s owners. 

Pep Guardiola must be wary that Ronaldo will be no great lover of tactics at Manchester City


Ronaldo and Allegri have never enjoyed a harmonious relationship, to put it bluntly.

In fact, in his final chat with club chief Agnelli before being dismissed back in 2019, Allegri even advised him to sell Ronaldo. 

According to La Repubblica in Italy, the reason was because Allegri believed Ronaldo would have damaged the overall development of the team, as well as the growth of the club.

Soon after this, Allegri was sacked.

His suggestion to offload Ronaldo was not well received by Fabio Paratici, Juventus’ former CFO and now Tottenham’s director of football, but the decision has now been made, just a couple of years on, to allow the star to exit.

This has developed in a natural way, but also because Ronaldo has never taken well to Allegri.

He harbours discontent with his defensive nature. Almost living like an unhappy family, the time has now come for both camps to part ways. 

Ronaldo’s departure may even be a form of liberation for him. His desire to play attacking, front-foot football has been well publicised, similar to how his swashbuckling former team at Real Madrid looked.

He understands that this blueprint is not possible in Turin. This current form of Juventus may have to grind out results the ugly way, leaving no room for the aesthetic beauty of football that Ronaldo so greatly admires. 

Wantaway star Ronaldo and Massimiliano Allegri (above) have endured a mixed relationship

Ronaldo believes Allegri, who told Juventus to axe Ronaldo, uses a defensive and blunt system


Agnelli has changed up the man at the helm three times during Ronaldo’s spell at the club – Allegri, Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo – but in every season, their run in the Champions League has taken another turn for the worse.

Another 12 months with Ronaldo at the club would also have cost them another €90million (£77m) for his salary and other financial obligations, and the decision was taken to instead prioritise the growth of the whole team.

The likes of Federico Chiesa, Dejan Kulusevski and Matthijs de Ligt are expected to be at the forefront for Juventus for many years to come, while the arrival of Kaio Jorge underlines the new strategy of targeting players with promise.

Despite the inevitable outcome, Agnelli does not regret signing Ronaldo in the first place.

However, he is certain that sanctioning his sale will help reinvigorate the Old Lady and breathe new life into their other players.

The decision has been taken at Juventus to let Ronaldo leave and focus on the team’s growth

Despite the inevitable exit, Andrea Agnelli does not regret signing Ronaldo three years ago


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